Sponsorship Services

At Al Qabandi United Co, we are proud to promote and offer our abilities to provide Kuwaiti Sponsorship, relocation  and life support Services to foreign entities who wish to create an office within the state of Kuwait and do business. Being headquartered and operating within Kuwait for the Government and Defense Contracting Industry for nearly two decades, we understand how valuable and necessary the proper relationships are in attaining and supporting this service for the company itself and the employees who will be living and working in this Middle-East environment. With this understanding through years of experience, combined with manifesting our company slogan of “Executing Excellence” on a daily basis, Al Qabandi has created an efficient and reciprocating rapport and reputation with the civilian Kuwait marketplace, government ministries – Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor, as well as additional US/foreign companies and embassies.

Intended businesses in Kuwait need to be established with the assistance of a Kuwait Citizen/Kuwait Company, acting as a conduit sponsor for the promoter of business in Kuwait in any marketplace.  Al Qabandi’s services facilitate administrative requirements for companies with a significant number of expatriate employees. The administrative requirements in Kuwait and the region are unique and hence, we discovered that companies prefer to subcontract these services to local companies specialized in visa issuances, residencies, personal and company sponsorships in order to exceed project performance standards en route to operational success.

Our sponsorship services can streamline non- Kuwaiti companies on their path to successfully perform day-to-day operations in Kuwait by providing them with a legal standing, consultancy and support across various areas:

  • Visas (Commercial & Residential)
  • Manpower
  • Transiting Personnel, NTV’s
  • Office space & Equipment
  • Communication Lines & Equipment
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Legal Support & Advice
  • Visa 18 Sponsorship
  • Housing Accommodations throughout Kuwait
  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Business Cellular Phone Packages

Al Qabandi Sponsorship Services provides the security for peace of mind, knowing that we will do everything you need within the Kuwait laws and regulations to ensure a stable work environment.