Base Support : Refuge/Sewage Removal

Al Qabandi believes that an obligatory clean and uncluttered environment promotes a properly motivated workforce.  Our experience, as shown with our past contractual performance for military installations across Middle East, reflects our effectiveness in collecting and properly disposing trash in a prompt and efficient fashion consistent with contract scope and local environmental regulations. We believe this service and our subsequent performance, greatly assists with quality of both work and life – supporting health, order, and overall well-being.  Our strategic relationships throughout Kuwait allow us the flexibility to meet demanding deadlines to dispose of waste at compost facilities and/or incineration facilities to meet and exceed contracted deliverables.

Al Qabandi caters to Base Refuse/Sewage Disposal/Black Water Removal needs that provide the best solution for your particular need.   As a supplier, we offer you a large variety of tanks for differing types of sewage. Additionally, we provide scheduled services to collect and haul sewage away in septic trucks on a regularly basis according to your timeline