Base Support : Laundry Services

Currently executing the US Armed Forces Laundry contract throughout all the military installations in Kuwait, Al Qabandi considers this core strength a system that keeps service members clean, safe and prepared to perform their daily activities in support of their overall agenda performance.

This form of base life support is a crucial necessity that requires an independent power supply, all required machinery, vehicles, and a proven inventory framework that creates the foundation of our laundry service.

The proven Al Qabandi laundry inventory system minimizes clothing loss/false identification while attaining the military standard of optimal hygiene. Each soldier is assigned a laundry bag with a personal identification tag, aiding our record-keeping during pickups and deliveries. Al Qabandi’s trained personnel prepare every service member’s laundry and protectively package it to safeguard from dust, dirt and debris – allowing for that person to be ready to implement that day’s agenda with confidence.