Base Support : Cleaning Services & CHU Maintenance

Al Qabandi United Co. understands that when implementing life support services on base for US/Coalition Armed Forces service members that the quality of life is in direct correlation to cleanliness.

Our many years of experience, highlighted by our current and past contract performance in Kuwait, displays our strength in presenting surroundings that enhance the personal and collective living & work space – providing a safe and comfortable environment to accomplish your daily tasks.

Al Qabandi has been able to consistently accomplish this level performance by utilizing the most contemporary cleaning equipment with high quality, environmentally-friendly cleaning products to meet the highest standards that our customers have come to expect, and that we are happy to deliver.

Our professional crews are specifically trained in every aspect of cleaning & maintenance services, to include offices, kitchens, living facilities, janitorial services – we provide any service which suits your requirements within any industry – Defense, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic cleaning and maintenance services.